How Did The LiveGood MLM Get Started?

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LiveGood kicked off in 2022 with Ben Glinksy as Chief Executive Officer. Base on LiveGood’s site, Ben has over two decades of prior experience taking care of business in the Nutritional Supplement sector. According to– Ben was likewise the founder and also CEO of Skinny Body Care. Skinny Body Care was an MLM released in 2011 and also no much longer showed up active on any social media sites site. It looks like it was sold to Valentus Europe in January 2019, based on a Facebook Post by Valentus Europe. Any reference of Skinny Body Care vanished in 2019. Valentus continues to be an energetic MLM regardless of Skinny Body Care being eliminated.

Nevertheless, when reviewing the products that LiveGood markets, numerous charm items are “By Skinny Body Care,” which is really fascinating. Is LiveGood partially a Skinny Body Care reboot?

What Does LiveGood Sell?

LiveGood health drinks with vitamins and minerals.
LiveGood Health Drinks

LiveGood markets a range of supplements and vitamins. Several of the products they use include:

  • Magnesium
  • Protein PowdersMulti-Vitamins
  • Vitamin D3-K2
  • Super Greens Powder
  • CBD Oils (for humans and also their pets).
  • Super Reds Powder
  • Powdered Coffee fortified with Fiber,
  • Maca & Green Tea.
  • Instant Youth Wrinkle Cream by Skinny Body Care.
  • Ageless Anti-Aging Serum by Skinny Body Care.
  • Ammino acid beverage mix.
  • Power Endurance Electrolytes by Skinny Body Care.

Comparable items can be located in several other multi-level marketing and non-MLM businesses.

What Is A LiveGood Affiliate?

It’s most likely an Affiliate that introduced you to GoodLife. They may currently be hiring you to be an affiliate. LiveGood is a multi-level marketing company (MLM). Online marketing disseminates products through independent salespeople. I wrote a comprehensive post on what MLMs are right here.

Can You Make Money in LiveGood?

You can earn money in six various methods according to LiveGood’s payment strategy.

– Weekly Fast Start Commissions – Bonuses on individuals you hire (or your down-line recruits) who come to be both members as well as affiliates.
– Matrix Commissions – These are payments on the monthly $9.95 membership costs of those in your downline/matrix.
– Matching Bonuses – Additional rewards compensated to 5 levels on the membership charges of those in your downline/matrix.
– Retail Commissions – If someone purchases an item without membership and pays the overall rate, compensation is made on the distinction between the retail rate and subscription rate.
– Influencer Bonuses – Additional retail payments if certain retail sales volumes are struck.
– Diamond reward pool – all diamond-ranked participants will certainly divide an incentive worth 2% of the company sales monthly.

How Do You Rank Up In LiveGood?

The rank demands are detailed below. Active members are members who have positioned an order for the current month.

– Bronze – 2 directly enlisted active participants.
– Silver – 10 directly enrolled active members or three separate enroller tree legs, each with a Bronze ranked Affiliate, plus a total amount of 20 active participants in your group.
– Gold – 30 directly signed up active participants or 3 different enroller tree legs with a Silver-ranked Affiliate, plus a total amount of 100 energetic members in your team.
– Platinum – 100 personally enlisted active participants or 3 separate enroller tree legs with a Gold placed Affiliate, plus a total amount of 500 active members in your group.
– Diamond – 3 separate enroller tree legs with a Platinum placed Affiliate, plus an overall of 2,500 energetic members in your group.
To get to a diamond rank, you need to have 2,500 energetic participants in your team. To achieve these degrees, there will be a significant focus on hiring members and affiliates to your matrix. So if you register to help LiveGood, you need to focus much less on selling products at the list price and motivate others to join as members and affiliates to develop big groups.

Is LiveGood A Pyramid Scheme?

LiveGood is an MLM that focuses on offering membership to their business for minimized pricing on their wellness and also health supplements. Nonetheless, MLMs and pyramid schemes can look very comparable. The FTC has an entire article (visit this site to review) that has many terrific resources, including concerns to ask someone looking to hire you. There must be much more reporting to claim whether any MLM is a pyramid scheme. It is just feasible to know the number of exterior clients they have if they provide that reporting. This is an adequate reason to avoid any network marketing company.

Last Thoughts About LiveGood

MLM, likewise referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM), is something you should have a healthy uncertainty of (and also avoid).

It has been proven continuously that people in MLMs shed money. Please examine the income disclosure declarations and this study that the FTC published to see for your own.

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